Custom Orders



Getting ready for a reunion, anniversary or just need a custom thread for your organization?  Drop your details below and Madam37 can take care of you!  Get your design created for free with your custom order of threads, offered by Madam37 Graphics.

Sorority Yellow Gold Sweatshirt with red embroidery elephant group photo


1. Submit your request

2. Once it's reviewed, Madam37 will contact you provide you with a quote or with questions. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response to your request.

3. Once quote is approved. A free graphic will be created for you and sent for approval. 

4. Once design is approved, payment options will be set-up. You have two options.

       a. Multiple payments via a private link can be set up on this website for individuals to pay and select sizes for their order. This allows them to be shipped individually, shipping is charge per order. Shipping cost will range $5-10 per order depending on their selection and shipping location.

       b. Single payment via invoice. With this option the custom group order will be shipped to one location with free shipping. You are responsible for collecting payments and submit sizes to us and we will send one (1) invoice for one payment.

5. After all sizes and payment(s) are received, we begin creating!